Who We Are

Founded in 1997 by David Ferguson, Skyler Electric Company, Inc. has been serving the DC Power requirements of the Telecommunications, Utility, UPS, and Solar markets with a professional and  experienced staff of Sales, Engineering, and Installation Service professionals.   Dave's successful expansion of the business has been accomplished through hard work, determination, and an experts understanding of the specific needs of his clients.  Through diversified service offerings and a wide range of products, Skyler Electric has grown to one of the largest and best staffed power provisioning companies in the Western US.  Skyler Electric is  active in Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Hawaii and Alaska. 

Our History

Skyler Electric Company, Inc. has been provisioning turnkey telecommunications and DC power plant installations, rearrangements, and removals since our founding in 1997.  It’s our mission to provide a single source for dc Power and Telecommunications equipment, regardless of manufacturer, along with Testing, Installation, 24/7 Emergency Response, Scheduled Maintenance, Power & Grounding Surveys, Spent Battery Recycling and Application Engineering. Our affiliation with major telecommunications, battery, and power electronics manufacturers allows us to provide a more complete solution than any one manufacturer can offer.  We work for some of the most discriminating and demanding clients.