Few companies have the licenses to do the complete job.  In addition to maintaining Electrical Contractors Licenses, Skyler Electric also maintains California and Federal Hazardous Transportation Licenses.  We're not only licensed to properly install your new battery, we can also remove and transport spent batteries for safe and proper recycling.


Please find our Licensing information below. Click any License number to be taken to the State Contractor's Board to verify ...

State Type License #
Arizona Contractor ROC259281
California Contractor 764033
Nevada Contractor 52016
Oregon Contractor 187410
Utah Contractor 7004973-5501
Hawaii Contractor C-28715


Please find information on our current certifications below. We may have additional certifications not listed here. Please contact us for more information.

Federal Hazardous Materials Transportation

US Dept. of Transportation Hazardous Materials Certificate of Registration # 060710 600 010s

State of California Hazardous Materials Transportation License

California Hazardous Materials Transportation License 

CHP Carrier # CA-185225

California State Board of Equalization Seller''s Permit

Seller''s Permit # SR KHG 97544489