We work with the best!   Our affiliation with virtually all battery and power electronics manufacturers allows us to provide a more complete solution that meets your needs and stays within your budget.  From "best quality" to "least cost" this platform allows us to match your unique power requirements with the best solutions at the right price.   Our extensive warehousing facilities and supplier alliances allow us to maintain and order large quantities of stock to meet the needs of even our most demanding customers.



Providing Flooded (VLA) and Sealed (VRLA) from top manufacturers for 24v & 48v Telecom, 130v Utility Switchgear, UPS to 540v, and Solar Applications.

VRLA for Telecom, UPS, Utility
VRLA for Telecom, Utiltiy & UPS
Flooded & VRLA for Telecom, Utility, UPS
Flooded & VRLA for Telecom, UPS, Utility
Flooded & VRLA for Telecom, UPS, Utility
Flooded & VRLA for Teleco, Utility, UPS
VRLA for Telecom & UPS
Battery Monitoring & Testing
Cable Tray, Cabinets, Racks, Distribution

Power Electronics


Rectifiers, Inverters, Converters, and Distribution equipment for Utility, Telecommunications, Solar and UPS applications.

Power Plants, Rectifiers, Inverters, Converters
Power Plants, Rectifiers, Inverters
Power Plants, Rectifiers
24v,48v, 130v Chargers
Power Supplies, Inverters, Converters

Uninterruptible Power Sources


It's our mission to provide you with a way to ensure power quality, prevent an outage, ensure energy efficiency, and improve system reliability, while reducing costs. Our UPS products and services, deliver the best power quality solution for backup power protection and power quality management for NT workstations to mission-critical applications such as data centers, server farms, and transportation facilities. We will size and provide the perfect UPS that meets your specific requirements and virtually eliminate all 9 known power quality problems.


Spill Containment


We're experienced in sizing and installing all types of Spill Containment whether for new installations or retrofits for existing batteries. We have spill containment solutions for Relay Rack mounted batteries, cabinet systems, or open rack systems with Epoxy-floor coating or Liners with Pillows for flooded and VRLA batteries. Contact us for more information on which system is right for your job.